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[Retired] WiFi Security CTF: [Nov 13-18]

weekly-ctf-all | Level: Easy  | Total Lab Runs: 0 | Premium Lab

Lab Scoreboard

This CTF contest has concluded. The solution PDF manual can be downloaded from above.

Welcome to our Weekly CTF Contest!

CTF Description: 

WiFi networks have become ubiquitous. The joy of staying connected without wires has pushed the industry to improve the throughput of WiFi networks to give wired networks tough competition. Hence, understanding WiFi security and being able to audit a WiFi network is a critical skill all security professionals should possess. 

We have used our emulated WiFi labs to create an environment with different kinds of WiFi networks and clients. The player will be provided CLI access to a Kali Linux machine with three monitor mode capable WiFi cards. We have hidden ten flags in the environment.


Collect all 10 FLAGs!




  • Click on RUN to start the lab (takes approximately 60s).

  • Click on LAB LINK to get command line (CLI) access to the attacker Kali machine.

  • There are three WiFi cards attached to this machine. All wordlists/dictionaries are present in the /root/wordlists directory.

  • FLAG1 is BSSID of the home network of a person who works for Aegis Consulting. Hint: Look for a client with MAC 02:00:00:00:08:00.

  • FLAG2 is present on a WiFi access point's HTTP interface

  • FLAG3 is the WEP key for a WiFi network operating in the vicinity.

  • FLAG4: A WiFi client is looking for a WPA-PSK network. This network's SSID is one of the most popular 100 SSID. The FLAG4 is the secret passphrase for this network is the flag?

  • Flag 5 is being transmitted in data packets of a very funnily named WPA2-PSK network. The SSID name is based on a very famous fiction movie series. The secret passphrase of this network is:  FLAG4 | queen | XXX  where X is a number from 0-9 and | is the concatenation symbol. 

  • FLAG6:  A WiFi client is looking for an EAP-PAP network.  This network's SSID is one of the most popular 100 SSID.  The FLAG6 is the password saved by the device for this network is the flag.

  • Flag 7 is hosted on a webserver of Zora Corporation. However, be aware Zora Corporation has mandated very strong passwords for WiFi access.

  • Flag 8 is hosted on an FTP of ABCorp. The SSID name of ABCorp is CorporateNetwork.

  • Flag 9 is hosted on a webserver of ABCorp.

  • Flag 10 is stored in a Memcached server of ZenithCorporation. The client trying to connect to this network has the wrong credential pair. But, the password it is using, is correct for one of the most common usernames on enterprise WiFi networks.

  • The eaphammer tool should only be executed from its own directory (i.e. invoke ./eaphammer from /root/eaphammer) to avoid issues


  • Collect all 10 FLAGs

  • Once you verify the flags, email with a short report on the process and the email you used to register on this website.

  • Reply to our Twitter posts to let us know you've submitted your report. 

  • This CTF contest will start on 0000hrs Nov 13, 2020 ET and end on 2359hrs Nov 18, 2020 ET.

  • The first 3 players to capture all the flags get a 1-month subscription + Pentester Academy T-shirt

  • 3 other players who capture all the flags will be selected randomly to win a 1-month subscription! These will be picked randomly from the remaining correct submissions coming in upto 2359hrs Nov 18, 2020 ET

  • Winners will be contacted on Nov 18-19, 2020

  • All decisions from our team will be final.

1. FLAG1
2. FLAG2
3. FLAG3
4. FLAG4
5. FLAG5
6. FLAG6
7. FLAG7
8. FLAG8
9. FLAG9
10. FLAG10

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  • Attacking the lab infrastructure

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Technical Support for this Lab:

There is a reason we provide unlimited lab time: you can take as much time as you need to solve a lab. However, we realize that sometimes hints might be necessary to keep you motivated!

We currently provide technical support limited to:

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