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Apache Error Log Analysis Basics

log-analysis-webserver-logs | Level: Easy  | Total Lab Runs: 0 | Premium Lab

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Apache web error logs are in the file error.log. Answer the following questions using basic Linux utilities like grep, awk, sort, uniq etc.

  1. How many requests were made for non-existent pages?
  2. How many unique usernames were used to bruteforce the basic authentication protected page? 
  3. Create a list of all unique usernames used to bruteforce the basic authentication protected page? 
  4. How many requests were made to perform directory traversal or Local File Inclusion attack? And, also list the files which attacker was trying to access.
  5. How many URLs were request in path bruteforcing attack? 
  6. Create a list of all unique URLs used during the path bruteforcing. 
  7.  Print the super-set of all type of errors present in the log file?

Dataset used:

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